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Refund & Returns Policy

We work extremely hard to ensure that you're 100% happy with the order. On the off chance that you might have complaints with any product that you received, you have up to 3 days from the receipt of delivery to contacts with our customer service with clear and concise description of the problem. We will have to follow-up with production section and will inform you our offers to solve your problem. Our staff are all with merchandise artist background so we definitely know how devastating it is to have your goods damaged. We will most likely replace the goods. But if its something beyond our capabilities to solve (machine abilities, short stocks of media, etc) we will offer you something else to find equal solvings. If its something that involves your shop's deadline or so, we wil consider refunds.

We will happily replace goods that are
a) damaged in transit;
b) the wrong product or part to that specified in your order;
c) the incorrect material / size to that specified or supplied in your order

If customised goods have been completed on your request, we are unable to refund or replace goods if the problem is down to
a) your design;
b) the end result didn't turn out as you hoped it would (please see 'Samples' below).
c) International orders may be subject to import taxes or fees. Buyers are responsible for paying any applicable fees required to receive their items, and shipments that are abandoned or refused by the buyer are not eligible for refunds.


We do provide a sample service and you should expect to produce several prototypes of your design before going into final production. This will give you a clearer insight into how your final design will look and will help to avoid any disappointments once you have received your finished products.